If you have not yet explored the possibility of refinancing your current mortgage loan, and you are still paying 5% or higher in interest rates, now is the perfect time to refinance.

All mortgages are not created equally. There are many different types of mortgage refinancing programs available, and they tend to change with swings in the economy. Terms, fees and penalties can vary greatly, so before you sign on the dotted line, we advise you to sit down and discuss your present budget and future financial concerns with the experts at Supreme Lending.

We’ll help you to assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate home refinancing programs available. Do you need to lower your monthly mortgage payments to meet recent changes to your income or for debt consolidation? Are you planning to retire and worried about maintaining your monthly cash flow? Do you need to free up money for your children’s education?

To learn more about your mortgage refinancing options, please call Supreme Lending at 918-863-0002 or click here to email us and request more information.

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